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Tokyo Ghoul 'S': premiere with the actors

Japan Expo is proposing an exceptional premiere of the movie Tokyo Ghoul 'S' with three of the actors of the film, Masataka KUBOTA, Shota MATSUDA et Maika YAMAMOTO, and on the giant screen of the Yuzu Stage: don’t miss it on Sunday!

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First come, first served (one ticket per person).

Tokyo Ghoul is a manga by Sui ISHIDA that has over 44 million digital and paper copies in print. Even after the completion of the series in 2018, the work remains as popular as ever, making its way over to anime, games, and even theater. In July, 2017, it was adapted as a live-action film and became a smashing box office hit in the 29 countries it was released in. And now, this summer, a whole new staff brings you a sequel that will surely top the last film.

Masataka KUBOTA takes up again his role as Kaneki in this sequel. As for Shota MATSUDA, he makes a remarkable entrance in the saga by interpreting the dangerous Shu TSUKIYAMA, whereas Maika YAMAMOTO plays the heroine, Touka. Don’t miss out on this truly all-star cast of some of the hottest and most talented actors in showbiz today.

Don't miss the premiere of Tokyo Ghoul 'S' ​on Sunday, July 7 in the afternoon on the giant screen of the Yuzu Stage! And there's more as the three actors of Tokyo Ghoul 'S'  mentionned above will be attending the event!



Kaneki (Masataka KUBOTA) who becomes half-human and half ghoul (man-eating monsters who are only able to ingest human flesh in order to live) is living at a coffee house called "Anteiku" with fellow ghouls such as Touka (Maika YAMAMOTO) hiding their identities from the police unit CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul).  They also train together for their survival from both the police and other ghouls.

One day a mysterious gourmet ghoul, Shu TSUKIYAMA (Shota MATSUDA), who is addicted to eat various "food (humans),” visits Anteiku and meets Kaneki. TSUKIYAMA becomes obsessed with Kaneki's special scent of being half human and desires to eat him.

TSUKIYAMA invites Kaneki to a ghoul restaurant which is a secret restaurant where all the ghouls around the world come together to compete, serving humans who are special gourmet cuisines.

Kaneki finds out this invitation is a trap to kill him for his flesh. Will Kaneki be able to escape? 

The battle between Kaneki vs TSUKIYAMA begins for survival in the food chain of ghouls and humans!


Original version with French subtitles

Forbidden under 16 years old

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