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The Greatest Cosplay Show - 20th Anniversary Celebration

You like pop culture? So, let's get immersed into cosplay: The Greatest Cosplay Show brings together more than thirty cosplayers from the past 20 years at Japan Expo on stage for an amazing show!

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Japan Expo represents Japanese culture, manga, anime, J-music, traditional culture, and also cosplay, which has always been a big part of the festival since its first steps. As part of Japan Expo’s 20th Anniversary, a memorable show is coming up: The Greatest Cosplay Show, with cosplayers of various nationalities who have marked the festival.

Those cosplayers left their stamps at Japan Expo largely through their participation to the festival's cosplay competitions. This means international competitions such as the European Cosplay Gathering or the World Cosplay Summit, but also competitions on the festival stages.


20 years of history and cosplay await you with experienced cosplayers like Nikita, Erendrym, Sikay and Dinotiste, just to name a few.

During Japan Expo’s 20th Anniversary, come admire this outstanding cosplay show, watch some memorable performances, and meet talented cosplayers!

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