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The art of Samurai Shodown

You’re a fan of Samurai Shodown and SNK? Don’t miss the artists Nobuyuki KUROKI and Yumi SAJI, Art Director and Chara-Designer of the new opus, as they will be holding a conference!

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The ultimate reference of cold weapon fighting games, the Samurai Shodown series is famous for its sharp gameplay and one-of-kind artistic direction. 11 years after the last episode, SNK’s popular franchise is back with a brand new opus featuring a stunning direction!

The Art Director and Chara-Designer of Samurai Shodown 2019, Nobuyuki KUROKI and Yumi SAJI, are inviting you behind the scene of the artistic direction of the game during this unique conference organized in partnership with Pix'n Love on Friday, July 5 at 10.30 am on the Kuri Stage!


Samurai Shodown

(PlayStation 4, Xbox One – 2019)

Faithful to the mechanisms and atmosphere that made the success of the series, Samurai Shodown includes a revolutionary feature allowing the players to learn actions and schemes to create “ghost” characters controlled by the computer. The story, taking place a year before the very first episode, features ancient fighters crossing swords with new characters with one goal: achieving their destiny!


In partnership with Pix'n Love

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