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Soothe your mind and sharpen your blade as you discover tenshin shôden katori shintô ryû with the Futsu Nushi no Kami association!

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The tenshin shôden katori shintô ryû school, represented by the Futsu Nushi no Kami association, invites you to come and discover this group of disciplines at the origin of many other martial traditions.

Come and see striking demonstrations and try your hand at tenshin shôden katori shintô ryû on the Budo area.

You can practice iai jutsu, the art of drawing your sword, ken jutsu, sword fencing, as well as bo jutsu and Naginata jutsu - respectively the art of the staff and the art of the halberd.

Founded in 15th-century Japan by Master Iizasa Choisai Ienao, tenshin shôden katori shintô ryû is one of the oldest Japanese martial arts schools. Developed following Choisai's spiritual retreat, the art blends esoteric precepts from both Shinto and Budo. Some lords of the time, such as the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa, even followed its teachings.

Many techniques are taught here, from the art of fencing to ninjutsu (the "medieval" art of intelligence), via the study of principles such as tenmonchiri (astrology and topography) or inyo kigaku (application of the yin and yang principles of Chinese philosophy). Come and discover this school, represented by Futsu Nushi no Kami at the festival!

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