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Saturn Bomberman finals

The association MO5.COM is inviting you to an exceptional tournament on the Také Stage.

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Saturn Bomberman is a video game in the Bomberman series developed and published by Hudson Soft for the Sega Saturn in 1997. In this game, you play a small character that will break down all his opponents. It is best known for its multiplayer functionality for up to ten players.

Every year, MO5.COM,  an association that works to preserve our computer and video game heritage,  invites you to participate to a feverish tournament on Saturn Bomberman. Game sessions will take place on MO5.COM booth from Thursday to Saturday, to qualify those that will participate to the finale.

Then, they invite you to the final on the Také Stage on Sunday. It will be broadcasted on a giant screen.

Video games and retrogaming fans are welcome to this tournament. Don't miss it!



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