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Leiji MATSUMOTO: signing

For more than 60 years, Leiji MATSUMOTO has been casting a spell on manga fans science fiction enthusiasts: the creator of Captain Harlock is the author of a work that has become inevitable all around the world. Don't miss his signing!

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There’s no need to introduce Leiji MATSUMOTO anymore, the creator of Harlock and his endless universe which he developed all through his career. If he distinguished himself in science fiction with Galaxy Express 999 and obviously Captain Harlock, he also got successful in other genres such as western (Gun Frontier) and other themes such as war (The Cockpit). Never short of creativity, he collaborated with Daft Punk in the early 2000s in Interstella 5555, the movie for the album Discovery, and on the music video for One more Time.

Leiji MATSUMOTO will be holding a signing!

  • To get a signing, you must show a signing ticket (available at the Signing Desk).
  • Lottery
  • Signing material: an official product of your choice or a free ex-libris available during the signing.
  • To increase your chances, read this page to know how signings work.


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