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Hiro MASHIMA - Panel and live drawing

Come attend our Manga Guest of Honor's panel, in partnership with Pika Édition, the author of one of the French readership’s favorite manga series: Hiro MASHIMA, the mangaka of Fairy Tail, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the series!

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Much cherished by the French readership, Fairy Tail is up to its 51st volume in France right now, and the 52nd is to be released next June by Pika Édition. Published since 2006 in Japan,Fairy Tail is celebrating its 10th anniversary and Hiro MASHIMA is expecting you to celebrate this with him!

Don’t miss Hiro MASHIMA at Japan Expo: she's meeting you at a panel and performing live drawing!

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More about Fairy Tail on www.pika.fr

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