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Gô NAGAI: signing

Japan Expo is honored to celebrate its 20th Anniversary with Gô NAGAI: one of the great names of Japanese science-fiction, he is also the author of titles that launched the worldwide passion for anime and manga, such as Mazinger Z or Grendizer!

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Gô NAGAI is considered one of the most important Japanese manga artists, and the pioneer of psychological horror and splatter (DevilmanViolence Jack), the “cute fighting girls” genre (Cutie Honey), and the giant robot genre, for which he is most famous worldwide (Mazinger ZGrendizer). He got successful very quickly and became the most popular and influential mangaka of Japan by the late 60s.

In the late 70s, the animated versions of his characters started being broadcast worldwide: Grendizer became the only program in French TV history to hit a 100% record rating, the beginning of the French passion for manga and anime which Japan Expo keeps on celebrating every year.

Come celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the festival with Gô NAGAI: don't miss his signings.

  • To get a signing, you must show a signing ticket (available at the Signing Desk).
  • Lottery
  • Signing material: an official product of your choice or a free ex-libris available during the signing.
  • To increase your chances, read this page to know how signings work.


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