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Child of Kamiari Month : conference

Check out the Child of Kamiari Month animated movie project with the creative team of the movie and its creator Toshinari SHINOHE, which tells the story of a young girl mysteriously drawn to the region of Izumo, and her journey through Japan during which she goes from discoveries to encounters, searching for answers.

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In ancient Japanese, October is called kannazuki (literally, the month without gods), except in one place in Japan: Izumo, in the department of Shimane, where there is one of the most important shintô shrine, where they say kamiarizuki (literally, the month with the gods). When fall arrives, the gods leave their place to make a pilgrimage to Izumo.

Child of Kamiari Month (Kamiarizuki no Kodomo in Japanese) is an animated movie project focusing on Japanese folklore. Launched in pre-production in July 2018 with only few sketches, Child of Kamiari Month has collected more than one million yen during a crowdfunding on its official website, and also thanks to the support of many personalities in the field of animation but also from Izumo city.

During the festival the creative team of the movie will introduced in exclusivity this unique project, which will be released in theaters for autumn 2020, and they invite you to discover an animated movie during its period of creation.

More info about BANG and Child of Kamiari Month on:

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