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CASPA: showcase, J-music Springboards

After IRON ATTACK! and Salome no Kuchibiru, CASPA is now joining the J-music Springboards: Japan Expo features the new talents of the Japanese music scene and is proposing a very J-rock showcase with CASPA!

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Since 2015, CASPA proposes a powerful rock music with fast melodies, a sound that appeals to more and more fans. The trio wishes to be close to them and develop the band with them. After a mini-album, an EP, and many live shows, they’re attracting more and more attention, making themselves known abroad with the song The End of the World.

And it will be soon up to you to attend their live! CASPA is joining the J-music Springboards and will be featured on the Karasu stage: come listen to this new J-rock sound live which has already appealed to the band’s fans. 


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