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Diorama (creation of a model for a figurine) : Polystyrene, its qualities as a base material

In a duo, members of the Star Hill Team will show you in 4 stages (4 sessions) how to create a diorama (miniature model).

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During this Masterclass, two members of the Star Hill Team (Jakssdio and Cocoser) will explain how to create a diorama. The steps involved, the materials used, sculpting and painting techniques, and the tips you need to know to create a diorama for your figurines.

Jakssdio: A ninja member of the SHT, he can reproduce any manga scene in a diorama. He takes care of the live creation.

Cocoser: SHT troubadour, he explains the secrets of creation as he goes along.

In this first session, they discuss painting and coloring the diorama.

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