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Why does a performance work?

How does a show impress its audience? Do the best contest performances have common characteristics? What can we learn from them to build our own performances?

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Djumangie, cosplayer since 2009, passionate about competitions and stage performances. She took part in the CFC in 2017, representing the Loire region, and has won performance prizes on several occasions in various competitions. She has also lent her voice to other performances.

But beyond the prizes, she is above all a spectator and contest enthusiast! She loves deciphering what goes on on stage, from tips and tricks, to sets, dubbing and audio/video production. After more than 10 years of cosplaying, she's keen to share what we can learn from certain performances.


In this talk, she deciphers and analyzes some of Japan expo's best-known cosplay performances, and shares their secrets with you. Sense of humor, immersion, wow effects, twists of fate, or sometimes sheer chance, Djumangie sheds light on their specificities.


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