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Round table audio book: From paper to audio, the voices of books

With Travis Baldree, Adeline Chétail, Émilie Mathieu A conference hosted by Lloyd Chéry, made by Ynnis Éditions to mark the launch of its audiobook collection.

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Travis Baldree, author of Legends & Lattes, is not only a writer, he's also the voice of many audio books in the USA.

Adeline Chétail is a dubbing actress, notably the voice of Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service and Arrietty: before there were films, there were novels. Ynnis Editions has chosen Adeline Chétail as its audio book reader.

Emilie Mathieu, associate director at e-Dantes, helps publishers with their digital transformation, towards epub and audiobooks.

How do you go from written to audio? A voice, an intonation, a rhythm can change everything: the voice gives another dimension to the book. Case studies and experiences: from the choice of one reader to the interpretation of all the characters in the book. From one language to another: Reading of a passage from Legendes & Lattes by the author in English and listening to the passage from the audiobook in French, published by Ynnis Editions.

The choice of a neutral, feminine, masculine, younger or older voice, what choices do publishers make?
Interpretation of the book's characters: changes of tone, rhythm, voice modulation: constraints and challenges for the reader: bringing the reading to life to keep the listener's attention.


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