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Le Temple du Ninja

A source of Yawara (self-defense methods born in the Meiji era), Ninjutsu is a varied and complete martial art adapted to contemporary self-defense, which we invite you to discover.

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Ninjutsu demonstrations will take place regularly throughout the day to give you a glimpse of the range of techniques available in these disciplines.

Afterwards, you'll be able to come and try your hand at nin-jutsu, learning and practising a few basic techniques.

Initiations last 30 minutes and techniques are adapted to suit the physical abilities of each participant.

The dôjo is also home to the Maison-Alfort shiatsu School.

Indeed, fighting and healing are two sides of the same coin, and so the Temple du Ninja is also a place where shiatsu is practised.

We welcome any questions you may have concerning the practice and teaching of shiatsu at the school.

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