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Electronics in cosplay

Jad'den Korr shares his vision of the place of electronics in cosplay

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Volt, Ampere, resistors, circuit, led. So many terms that can be a source of confusion and doubt when you simply want to add lighting effects to a costume, set or accessory. If you're unfamiliar with the U = R.I rule, or just have a vague memory of high school, but would like to deepen your knowledge and master this rather unusual area of cosplay, then this masterclass is for you.

You'll soon have all the tools you need to enter new dimensions of sound, light and movement.

Having acquired solid knowledge over the years and mastered many cosplay-related subjects and techniques, he shares his expertise at conventions, conferences and workshops. Cosplayer since 2005, Jad'den Korr evolves in multiple universes mainly centered on films, series and video games. He began his career at the premiere of the third instalment of a famous saga. Almost twenty years later, Jad'den has a wealth of experience linked to the cosplay community, including the creation of dozens of costumes, the presentation of a cosplay tutorial show on the NoLife channel, the participation in and production of short films and web series, participation in several solo and group cosplay competitions, including several victories in France and Belgium, and finally, the animation in costume of several official events in the world of video games.

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