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DORUIDO, the 1st audio manga by France Culture

France Culture launches the first audio manga! Inspired by the Japanese shonen genre, the audio manga "Doruido" features Ayden, Liv and Od', apprentice druids in a medieval Celtic world. Epic, comic, gory or even kawaii: immerse yourself in the audio adventure. Written by Élie Olivennes, directed by Christophe Hocké.

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Ayden, a 14-year-old orphan always accompanied by Phinx, his Chacureuil, finds his life turned upside down when a giant spider attacks his village. With the help of Liv and Od', two young visiting druids, he investigates the creature... and makes a disturbing discovery: a powerful demon has been slumbering inside him all his life. Now aware of the danger he represents to those around him, Ayden leaves his village and follows his new friends and their master, Tregòn, on their adventures. He is expected at the prestigious Druid Academy to shed light on his powers and true identity... 

A fiction series in 5 episodes of 30 minutes, written by Elie Olivennes, directed by Christophe Hocké, with actors Tom Boyaval, Manika Auxire, Yuming Hey (nominated at the Molières in the "male revelation" category). 
Original music: Nicolas Worms 
Sound effects: Elodie Fiat 
Sound design: Etienne Colin and Djaisan Taouss


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