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Come and try your hand at aikibudô, a defensive martial art rooted in the Japanese warrior tradition, during introductory sessions!

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Meaning "The way of harmony through martial practice", aikibudô is a defensive martial art with its roots in the Japanese warrior tradition.

Maître Alain Floquet, 9th Dan, is the founder of aikibudô. He was introduced to the martial arts by Master Minoru Mochizuki, a famous budôka, and went on to develop aikibudô.

Lively and evolving, accessible to all, aikibudô is a discipline adapted to the modern world. It is essentially based on empty-hand defense techniques, against all types of seizures or strikes, armed or unarmed. These techniques are based on dodging and channelling the opponent's force, by means of imbalances, projections and/or immobilizations. Mutual learning, based on flexible practice, enables everyone to progress at their own pace.

Aikibudô is not confined to a catalog of combat or self-defence techniques: through martial practice, it aspires to the mental and physical construction of each individual. 

Aikibudô is taught in conjunction with the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryû, one of Japan's oldest weapons schools and recognized as an important intangible heritage by the Japanese Ministry of Culture.

Practice is open to all, aged 12 and over.



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