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ECG Season 10: the French selections

Right after the European Cosplay Gathering Season 9 Finals end, the contest will be launching already its Season 10! An Anniversary Season that will be starting at Japan Expo on the Ichigo Stage with the French selections: be among the fisrt to find out who will represent France in July 2020!

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In July 2011, the European Cosplay Gathering, ECG for short, went through the Finals of its first edition. If the contest ends with a firework at Japan Expo, that’s also where it all begins, with the French selections that traditionally take place on Sunday, the day after the Finals, celebrating the first stage of the tour that will lead the ECG through Europe from an event to another in the following months.

Three to four entrants will be chosen to represent their countries at each event: one in the solo category and two or three in the group category, in 15 countries.

Next July, a very special Season will begin at Japan Expo as the contest will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Who will represent France at the ECG Season 10 Finals in 2020, in front of 14,000 people cheering them? Don’t miss the ECG Season 10 French selections to be among the first to find out!



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The ECG Season 10 French selections are organized in collaboration with EPIC: www.epic-asso.com


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