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Promare: premiere screening

In partnership with Eurozoom, Japan Expo is inviting you to watch director Hiroyuki IMAISHI’s new film, Promare, on Saturday on the Yuzu stage!

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Book your seat for free: to access the events, you’ll have to get a ticket. Tickets are given out at the Signing Desk on the day of the screening, from the opening in the morning to 5.30 pm or until there are no more tickets. If there are some tickets left, they are given out at the entrance of the Yuzu stage.
First come, first served (one ticket per person).

Directed by Hiroyuki IMAISHI (Dead LeavesGurren LaganKill la Kill…) and produced by studio Trigger (Little Witch AcademiaStarlight Promises…), Promare is inviting you to follow the adventures of the Burning Rescue, a new generation of firemen who fights the Mad Burnish, a new kind of arsonists.

After featuring at the Festival International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy, the film will be showed at an exceptional screening on Saturday July 6 at 6.00 pm on the Yuzu stage. 

The director

Hiroyuki IMAISHI made his debut with studio Gainax, which allowed him to work on the legendary show Neon Genesis Evangelion as an inbetweener. After being an animator and a storyboarder on many, he directed his first medium-length film, the amazing Dead Leaves. He kept on with the writer Kazuki NAKASHIMA on two more successful works: Gurren Lagann in 2007 and Kill la Kill in 2013, recently aired on Netflix.

Since then, they have been working together on Promare. In this film, Hiroyuki IMAISHI develops his work on speed, shapes, and colors, which are the fundations of his anime and which makes them so thrilling and fascinating. 

The origins of studio Trigger

After quitting Gainax, Hiroyuki IMAISHI funded studio Trigger with Masahiko OHTSUKA to develop their projects more independently. They permitted Yoh YOSHINARI make Little Witch Academia, a short movie which got aid from the Young Animator Training Project whose ambition is to help young talents. Aired later on YouTube, the movie got a sequel and even a successful series that ended up on Netflix.

From the animation to the will of imagining colorful stories, Little Witch Academia set the tone for studio Trigger, that is for Hiroyuki IMAISHI’s universe. For Promare, he and Trigger worked with X FLAG, a less experimental studio but which shared the same wish to use new means of broadcast. That’s how X Flag proposed its Starlight Promises feature film on the Internet only.

Original version with French subtitles


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