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Otaku Show with Real Akiba Boyz

Full of energy, otaku culture, and humor, Real Akiba Boyz are about to set fire to Japan Expo: let yourself get carried away by this unique breakdance team!

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Real Akiba Boyz : Otaku no Arigachi [オタクにありがっち]

Representing Akihabara street dance cultureReal Akiba Boyz have seduced thousands of fans since they were formed in 2007, gathered more than 100 million views on their videos, and represented Japan in international contests. Their choreographies on anime songs, Us Dancing to, get more than 200,000 views with each video. They also organize their own contest, Akiba Street!

Don’t miss this atypical breakdance group! 


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Follow Real Akiba Boyz on www.youtube.com/RAB

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