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"Ohayougozaimasu!" Louis-san returns to Japan Expo to present his latest book, available from Omaké Books!

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Born to a Japanese mother and a French father, Louis has been learning French, Japanese and English from an early age.

Accompanied by his lifelong friend Charles, Louis discusses the differences, commonalities and much more that exist between French and Japanese cultures on his YouTube channel, with humor!

His channel, launched in 2015, now boasts 1.39 million subscribers. Through his videos, he talks as much about food and unusual objects as societal issues. This year, he'll be at the festival to present his new book, available from Omaké Books.

Meet him during the 4 days of the festival!

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Omaké Books is a publishing house that aims to promote pop culture and Japanese culture through its books. Several YouTubers have already trusted them to publish their books, including Bob Lennon, Nota Bene and Tokyo no Jo. Now it's Louis-san's turn to take the plunge with his first book!

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