Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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Korea Dash

Born in Paris of Korean parents, Ji-soo KIM fell in love with Korea during his many travels. He now posts videos on his YouTube channel Korea Dash, introducing viewers to the richness of Korean culture.

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Korea Dash's first experience at Japan Expo was as a visitor in 2009. 15 years later, he's back, this time as a guest, to introduce you to Korean culture!

It was during one of his many trips to Korea that Ji-soo KIM decided to settle there. Born in Paris and having studied in France for part of his life, he is amused by the differences he observes between his two homelands. In 2020, he decided to launch his camera on YouTube, with the aim of sharing Korean culture with the French and answering their questions via videos about everyday subjects.

At Japan Expo, you can meet him for signing sessions and activities on the festival's booths!

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