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K-Coffee Time

K-Coffee Time is a YouTube channel dedicated to Korean independent music (through playlists and podcasts) as well as to the history of the Land of the Morning Calm (historical popularization of figures and incidents that have marked the country).

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K-Coffee Time is a YouTube channel hosted by Carole, a graphic designer and former student of Korean language and civilisation.

Passionate about Korea for years, she first learned the language on her own before entering INALCO to study its literature and civilisation. With the desire to share her passion with as many people as possible, Carole created a web-radio program called K-Coffee Time, which became a YouTube channel a few years later. The aim of the channel was, at first, to raise awareness of small independent Korean musical artists evolving in the shadow of the K-pop giants. As the years passed, the desire to educate the curious about the country's history and culture became more and more important. K-Coffee Time then diversified its content to start covering major events and important historical figures of the country as well as some dubious criminal cases... In 2019, thanks to the Korean Embassy in France, Carole met Sam, from the channel Sam et les Dramas, where a great understanding and a strong friendship was created.

At Japan Expo, you can attend two conferences of K-Coffee Time with Sam et les Dramas:

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