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Alcaz and Solva invite you to join their second family, where creativity, gaming and interactivity with thousands of people come together!

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A gay couple of French Twitch streamers, Alcaz and Solva invite you into their haven, a second family in your pocket, where creativity, gaming and interactivity with thousands of people come together!

The 1st French-speaking VTubing channel, with 450 viewers for each stream and over 10,000 followers on YouTube, Twitch & TikTok, Solva and Alcaz have been using a virtual avatar to interact with their community for 3 years now. 

Passionate about animation, the Catboat aims to create vocations by presenting the different professions in the film industry, through interviews with French animation scriptwriters and directors such as the creators of Code Lyokô or, soon, the craftsmen behind Miraculous. Open to the world, Catboat is not just a Twitch channel, but a world where Discord also plays a key role, with a chat server of over 5,000 members active 24 hours a day, where mutual help and sharing are cardinal values! 


Everyone will always be accepted on the Catboat, no matter what they are or where they come from. This promise of inclusivity is at the heart of their passion. In a turbulent world, Solva & Alcaz aspire to be a parenthesis of positivity and gentleness where everyone can rest and relax, with cringeworthy jokes or gameplay chills, without any sectarianism and with a huge amount of benevolence

The Catboat is also part of Team Innocence, a group of French streamers and YouTubers whose figurehead, Oliarius, will be on stage at Japan Expo alongside Solva & Alcaz! Known for his shorts, where he discusses everything and anything with his friends, Olia has invited Solva since February 2024, where he shares his delusions and thoughts with the other guests in a friendly, buddy-buddy atmosphere! 

So if you're hesitating to come and see them, take a moment to discover their work and their galaxy

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