Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Toshiyuki KUSAKIHARA and Genki YOKOTA will be meeting you on the stage of Nintendo’s booth to present the very first episode of Fire Emblem on Nintendo Switch, Fire Emblem: Three Houses!

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All along the festival, Nintendo will be meeting you on their booth, B674 in hall 6! Toshiyuki KUSAKIHARA and Genki YOKOTA, respectively Chief Graphic Designer and Director de Fire Emblem: Three Houses, will show a game demonstration on stage, before the release on July 26. See you on Friday, July 5 at 11 am on the stage on Nintendo's booth for a first insight of the game. Both developers offers a live demo of the game.

Don’t miss this event which will also be the opportunity for Toshiyuki KUSAKIHARA and Genki YOKOTA to unveil exclusive information about Fire Emblem: Three Houses!


Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is a tactical-RPG license, known for its turn-based strategic confrontations as well as its epic scripts with multiple branches. 

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