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30Birds is a poetic and humorous adventure game which casually mixes oriental fairy tales with modern mystery. It is set in an enchanting painted world where 2D and 3D complement each other in a unique way.

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The story takes place in a city made of giant lanterns floating in an everlasting night sky. Here the Magic is not atypical, but regarded more as a common everyday thing. Human beings live alongside djinns, and one can either ride a flying carpet or a tramway to reach the next neighbourhood. It is said that ages ago, Simurgh, the giant bird goddess, created the city as a present for a prince. She drew the lanterns of the city, its palaces, streets, and gardens directly on the night sky. But no one has seen her for decades as she left for one of her century-long nap.

Now you play as Zig, a mysterious fearless girl who just arrived in town. You're going to find yourself helping a bunch of birds loyal to the goddess, as the city seems to have been taken over by corrupt politicians and underground criminal groups. To uncover the truth, save the city, and meet Simurgh, you’ll have to investigate, talk to people, explore, and gather the thirty birds. And be aware that in a drawn world, simple colors may have meanings and powers you don't expect...



All are welcome on the 30Birds booth on Japan Expo’s Indie village where the team is waiting for you ! They will present you a playable demo of the game (on its pre-alpha version) and be more than happy to answer all your questions. Discover the very last fantastic creation of this indie video game springboard at Japan Expo 20th Impact !

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