Japan Expo Paris - July 13-16, 2023 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center
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Ticketing General Information

More information about ticketing to know all you need to know before the festival!

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  • EXIT IS PERMANENT, THERE WILL BE NO RE-ENTRY. If you want to go out and back in as you please, choose a Zen Ticket!
  • When buying your tickets before July 10th, 2023, you get a discount: buy your tickets as soon as you can to get the best prices! Click here for information about entrance fees
  • Please note : there are no cash desks this year, so thing about getting your tickets in advance to avoid stress ! You can still by them on d-day, via our website.
  • Tickets will be available on our website before and during the festival from October 3rd, and soon in our partner ticketing networks. Tickets will be available until the day before the festival.
  • 4-day passes are available in limited quantity, online only, until thursday, 5.30 pm, first day of the festival.
  • Zen and Zen+ Confort Tickets are available in very limited quantities only on our website
  • Fastpasses offer the same benefits as 1-day tickets except for the time of entry to the festival. The 1-day tickets enter at 9:30am while the Fastpass enters at 9am.

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