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With her shamisen, Yuzu NATSUMI makes you travel through her music, a mix between pop and tradition. After the success of her first appearance at Japan Expo for the 20th anniversary of the festival in 2019, she performs again at Japan Expo!

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With her shamisen (Japanese lute with a long neck) and her catchy rhythms, the singer, songwriter, and composer Yuzu NATSUMI makes you discover the beauty and refinement of Japanese culture through her original songs and music.

Yuzu NATSUMI is a multi-talented artist who is engaged in a wide range of activities, from performing in concert halls to hosting radio programs. And it is as a strong advocate of kiyari, a typical firefighters singing music (a traditional art from Tokyo), that she proudly became a member of the first professional female kiyari group!


  • Nursery Rhyme, 2017
  • California Dreams, 2019

Far from limiting herself to Japan, she travels around the world, from the United States to Asia, to share her love of traditional Japanese culture and kiyari. And for her second performance in Europe, she is coming to France at Japan Expo!


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