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WAKO〜Rising Sun〜

The drums of the taiko group WAKO〜Rising Sun〜 echo through Japan Expo!

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A taiko group based in Japan, made up of individuals fascinated by the possibilities, musicality and mystique of this instrument.

With the concept "From the Land of the Rising Sun with the Soul of Japan", the group creates a new cultural world through the fusion of taiko, dance and kimono culture. In 2018, the group performed at the Monaco International Film Festival, where their film "The Golden Earth" won numerous awards, and where the team also won the Casting Award.

The troupe also performed at the opening of the Monaco International Film Festival. On January 1, 2023, they performed at the Nippon Budôkan, one of Japan's most famous theaters. On the networks, they broadcast their appearances and let the world hear the sound and power of the taiko.


Regular guests of the festival for many years, find them drumming on the stages of Japan Expo 23rd Impact!

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