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You were able to discover them at Japan Expo last year and at Japan Expo Marseille, the boy band U&Pia comes back to Japan Expo !

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U&Pia returns for the second year running at Japan Expo! They're back with 2 new members and a new concept: amplifying personal impact.

The group's name U&Pia stands for "You And Personal Impact Amplifiers", and represents the group's desire to amplify the sense of unity between the members and their fans. With a style of music that blends J-Pop and K-PopU&Pia transcends boundaries and brings people together around a shared vision of positive change.

This year, discover their 3rd EP Stereo Type at Japan Expo!

The band members are:


  • Aran, the band's producer and lead singer


  • Jeasun, the main rapper. He brings cohesion to the group and the spirit of a calm morning.


  • Taiga, the main dancer and inspired choreographer. His stage presence is impressive!


  • Ren, one of the lead singers. He is an author and composer and is in charge of recordings.


  • Sen, one of the group's dancers, with over 8 years' experience.
  • Haru, the youngest member of the group, is in charge of costumes. He is versatile, being both one of the group's dancers and rappers.
  • Kai, one of the two new members who joined the group in January. A great vocalist, he is also a composer and choreographer, and already has 10 years' experience as an idol.
  • Mahiro, who also joined the group in January. This "golden man" has many strings to his bow and is a talented rapper.


With these new members, the group boasts a powerful rap line with Mahiro, Jeasun, and Haru and an equally strong dance line with Taiga, Sen, and Haru. The vocal line now features experienced singers covering more than three octaves.

The group has acquired a new energy and a more mature concept, moving from utopia to reality, but a reality where the field of possibilities is infinite thanks to the strength of unity!

Join them during the 4 days of Japan Expo for shows, signing sessions and a fan meeting! Meet the members of U&Pia and take home a nice souvenir at the group's meet & greets, accessible via an additional ticket on Friday and Saturday!


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