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STARRYSKY is back on Japan Expo's stage and will perform their new album TIMESHIFT "l'album à l'envers" (the album in backward), 2nd musical record on Ulule!

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STARRYSKY is an "Eurasian rock" band - between western metal and Asian pop - who composed official songs for web celebrities : Squeezie, Sora, Joueur Du Grenier, Noob, Maliki and many others!

The album TIMESHIFT, "the album that can be listened backwards", a concept that follows the concept of their previous song "La Chanson à l'Envers" (the backward song). A composition released at the end of 2017 that had the particularity of having been written, recorded and performed entirely by reversing the direction of audio playback, and which has now over 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Inspired by pop-culture and fantasy worlds, the group has created several musical concepts on their YouTube channel - which now has 230,000 subscribers and over 100 million views - such as TAI REFLECTIONS, a series where they perform musical challenges requested by the viewers, and JAMFICTION, original songs that feature Spider-Man, Pikachu, Joker, Bowsette and other pop-culture icons. 

They compose for the French web: Noob, Maliki, Squeezie, Joueur du Grenier, Sora, Louis-San, KaraL, Salut Les Geeks, Le Grand JD, and on the Japanese side, they collaborated with animation figures such as Mamoru YOKOTA (Death Note, Naruto Shippuden) and Masashi KUDÔ (Bleach).

Meet the band STARRYSKY in concert on Japan Expo stage on Thursday 14th of July and Saturday 16th of July and visit their booth to get your autograph! Composer Tai Wuang, singer Sasha Brown, bassist and chronicler Neku Scheyen, guitarist Logan Sechi and drummer Yuki Takano will all be there during the whole festival to meet you and present their brand new album TIMESHIFT "the album that can be listened to backwards".


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