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PSYCHIC FEVER is a 7-member boy band that emerged from the EXILE TRIBE collective in July 2022. Each member brings his or her own personal touch to the group for an electrifying result! Come and see them at Japan Expo 23rd Impact!

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PSYCHIC FEVER is a boy band made up of KOKORO, WEESA, TSURUGI, RYOGA, REN, JIMMY and RYUSHIN. They are the 7th group in the EXILE TRIBE artist collective, affiliated to LDH JAPAN.

Each member brings his or her own touch to the collective, making the group a unique blend of experience and personality that shines through in dance, rap and vocal performances. Named after the reaction the group triggers in its fans, the ForEVERs, PSYCHIC FEVER has quickly become a popular band on the music scene. Their music Just Like Dat feat JP THE WAVY has exploded on the platforms and gathered 180 million plays on TikTok alone!

Since their inception, the members have relentlessly pursued their quest for worldwide recognition, captivating not only Japan, but the whole of Asia. In particular, they have given outstanding performances at major music festivals in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Their motto, “Ignite your dream”, sums up their mission: to inspire courage and light a fire in the hearts of their audiences, encouraging them to realize their dreams.

At the dawn of 2024, PSYCHIC FEVER's journey is only gaining momentum, with “To The Top” as their goal, seeking to conquer Asia and the world stage. Their captivating story and dynamic performances are not only a testament to their talent, but also a source of inspiration, proving that dreams, when ignited, can light the way to unimaginable success.


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