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Dive into the strange and bewitching world of singer and multi-instrumentalist Pernelle.

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Pernelle. is a French singer-songwriter and flautist. Steeped in experimental jazz since childhood, she self-released her debut album FENGHUANG in 2021, and subsequently continued to nurture her strange universe with the release of two EPs, Visions of Mars and Uranus Ocean, which highlight her fascination with the cosmos. With her highly versatile vocal signature, Pernelle. is a true multi-genre singer.

In 2023, she collaborated with Korean composer and arranger Cosmograph on the mobile game NIKKE: Goddess Of Victory, as singer and lyricist on tracks ranging from opera to lo-fi to city pop. In 2024, the Shift Up studio commissioned her to write and perform the operatic theme Democrawler orchestrated by Sachiko Miyano for the Stellar Blade video game. At the same time, she regularly publishes covers of video games, anime and films on YouTube in collaboration with international musicians. 

Equally passionate about traditional and spiritual music, she plays flutes from a variety of cultures, from Shakuhachi to Dizi, not forgetting the Amerindian flute, whose compositions were notably used in the American documentary Kill The Indian.

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