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Music Guest of Honor blank paper

The identity of the members of blank paper has not been revealed yet... For the moment, we will call them by their code names "C45P3R" and "T3R354". Get ready !

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Who is behind the blank paper's masks? The identity of the members has not yet been revealed beyond the code names "C45P3R" and "T3R354".

Though, the project is born in Japan in 2021, with the aim of producing music alongside fans, listeners and professionals.

The "blank paper" artistic adventure starts with a blank sheet, and the members let themselves be guided to see where the collective journey will go! The result of this creative process is known as "bpm" (blank paper medicine). Each dose contains high concentrations of energy and emotions from various sources, which can have transcendental side effects on the listener!

blank paper will be present at Japan Expo to give an exceptional concert and a series of signing sessions.


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