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Happy Full Moon and Genkidama Love to you! Meet Cookiesan, pioneer of Manga Rap in France, at Japan Expo!

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A manga and anime enthusiast, Cookiesan is one of the pioneers of Manga Rap in France, a movement that blends the worlds of manga and France's most popular musical genre, rap.

Through his smile, his universe, his songs and the events where he meets up with his growing community, bearing the name Genkidama Love, Cookiesan is keen to share the values and feelings of his favorite manga & anime through strong lyrics and catchy music. His secret is always to put a lot of work into hislyrics and their meaning.

After several years of activity, Cookiesan already has numerous projects to his credit, including singles and concerts in prestigious Paris venues.

Currently working on a secret project for 2025, Cookiesan continues to perform and promote his already released projects, and to feed his social networks to develop and popularize Manga Rap on a national scale.

Discover or rediscover Cookiesan on Youtube or Spotify by listening to his flagship tracks such as Lettre à Jiraya, Esprit Shonen and ONIZUKA.


Join Cookiesan at Japan Expo 23rd Impact on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for concerts on the Tsubamé stage and  signing sessions.

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