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Test Virtual Reality with InfiniVerse

Want to live or relive a virtual reality experience? Come to the InfiniVerse stand!

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à propos d'Infiniverse

Come and experience virtual reality at the InfiniVerse booth! Infiniverse is a professional development and design studio specializing in virtual reality and new technologies. The Infiniverse team is constantly seeking to bring new sensations to the public by creating new techniques.

activités sur le stand

Come and plunge into the heart of a cyberpunk world in the experience VR Acidpunk: Echoes of Doll City. The experience is based on the game of the same name, but is also inspired by Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner. The full game is available on Steam. Maroon takes you on a journey to the brink of madness, in a psychiatric hospital. Let yourself be led to your room or into your worst nightmares... With Infiniverse, step into the future with VR technology at Japan Expo! 

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