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Game of Go

The French Federation of Go is back at Japan Expo to lead you into the subtleties of this legendary game. Do you wish to learn to play, or to develop your strategies? Come face your challengers and see if you are ready to win the game!

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Played by millions of people throughout the world, the go game at the same time simple and very fine ha been created in China thousands of years ago. Go is one of the 4 Asian sacred arts, and in Japan, people have been playing go for more than 1,200 years. Even if the game is now renowned in Occident, it has only recently spread to the West.

The purpose of the game is to constitute territories by using a very simple equipment: a board called goban, with a grid and vacant intersections, on which black (kuro) and white (shiro) stones must be placed alternately. Each “stone” represents a soldier, and the encircled soldiers become prisoners. The rules are easy to understand in few minutes, and allow the beginners to quickly start exciting and unpredictable games.



Go being a game with an infinite richness, its simplicity makes it approachable to any player. Members of the French federation of Go propose to all those who wish to explore further the subtleties of the game, to join them on their stand and participate to their activities, like:

  • introductions to the game of go, with a welcome of the beginners, a presentation of the rules,
  • games for advanced players, in which visitors will play with suitable game partners,
  • organized tournaments for beginners,
  • an exhibition about the go game.

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