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Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing, and can be found in all writing cultures. In France and Japan, not only the material but also the posture and movements are different: immersing yourself in these particularities allows you to discover Japan from another angle.

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Explore the richness of the Japanese written language through an exhibition featuring traditional materials, learning to write at school, the art of calligraphy and seals. Take a few minutes to trace a kanji with a brush as you follow the demonstrations, or take part in one of the creative workshops offered throughout the show and leave with your own personal calligraphy or seal! Take advantage of this immersive space to learn more about Japanese culture and discover an activity accessible to all ages.

At the Atelier Duvet booth, you'll find, among other things: an exhibition of antique and contemporary objectsinitiations and gamesworkshopsdemonstrationsoriginal works for sale...

Atelier Duvet was created by Isabelle Jeudy, an artist from Brittany with a passion for calligraphy. From the European pen to the Japanese brush, she embellishes her original compositions with characters from the Latin alphabetkana and kanji. Since 2005, she has been taking part in events linked to Japanese culture, sharing her experience and artistic practice with young and old alike. She also runs workshops and conferences to help people discover the many facets of the art of writing and the practices of contemporary artists.


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