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Tetsuhiro Hirakawa

Tetsuhiro Hirakawa is the author behind the best-selling manga NINE PEAKS. Come and meet this author and his world of bad boys!

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Tetsuhiro Hirakawa is a mangaka renowned for exploring the genre of “Yankee manga”, works featuring young delinquents and those left behind. Influenced by works such as Shonan Bakusozoku, Slam Dunk, Crows and yakuza films, his titles explore the violent daily lives of bad boys.

He began his career with publisher Akita Shoten after winning the Weekly Shonen Champion award in 1999 for Konya de ore wa. Keen to refine his style, he didn't launch his first series until 2007: Clover, which went on to sell over seven million copies.

After Himawari, Tetsuhiro Hirakawa takes up his pen again and signs a third original work, NINE PEAKS! A manga in which we find his favorite themes: fighting and friendship, to which the author adds this time the salt of filial love and the spice of time travel... With his expert, nervous pencil stroke, he once again gives birth to colorful characters who express their feelings with the force of their fists.

Come and discover these worlds at Japan Expo at the Kioon booth!

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