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Born in 2000, Naokuren swears only by drawing and has wanted to make it his profession since primary school. Come and see his work on the Radiant spin-off at Japan Expo!

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Naokuren discovered the world of manga with the series Megaman NT Warrior, Eyeshield 21 and, above all, volume 26 of Naruto, which so impressed him that he wanted to make his own.

He studied ST2DA in high school, then went through the art preparatory program, before taking his National Art Diploma in Angoulême in 2022. A course that allows him to practice and reach his goal. In 2018, the year of the anime's release, he discovers Radiant and obtains a signing from Tony Valente. This meeting led to their collaboration on the Radiant spin-off: Cyfandir Chronicles.

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