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Jérôme Alquié

Jérôme Alquié, born in 1975, was influenced by the Japanese cartoons of the 80s. He soon began creating works that paid tribute to the series he loved so much. Today, he is working on new projects, including a series of books on Albator, the Space Corsair and The Knights of the Zodiac, both published by Kana.

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Jérôme Alquié is an illustrator and colorist from Marseille, born in 1975. In 1990, they began publishing artbooks and celluloids for the Saint Seiya and Ulysse 31 series. In 1997, he won the Colomiers “Illuminations” competition, and two years later took part in the Tonkam competition. In 2001, he contributed to the trailer for Saint Seiya - The Hades, which caught the eye of Araki Shingo, the original series' character designer.

From 2020 onwards, he works with the heroes of his childhood works, allowing Albator to relive an adventure by creating a story inspired by the work of Leiji Matsumoto.

In 2022, it's the turn of the Knights of the Zodiac to come under Jérôme Alquié's pencil, in the Saint Seiya - Time Odyssey series, scripted by Arnaud Dollen and published by Kana.

Jérôme Alquié is one of the authors invited by Kana! Meet them at Japan Expo and take home one of their works!

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Since then, Kana has continued to broaden the horizons of its catalog, and is now responsible for the French publication of countless series, from the most famous to the most cutting-edge. With its Big KanaMade In and Shojo collections, Kana has something for everyone.

Kana is also open to local talent, giving a chance to passionate European artists to open the doors to their dreams.

All these fabulous series can be found on the Kana booth!

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