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Guillaume Singelin

Guillaume Singelin is the author of Loba Loca, The Grocery and P.T.S.D. Come and meet this Label 619 author at Japan Expo!

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A permanent member of Label 619, he is the author of Loba Loca (Mutafukaz spin-off), The Grocery, P.T.S.D and short stories in Doggybags and LowReader. In 2023, he signed his last successful album Frontier, a powerful, modern science-fiction tale.

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about label 619

Founded by RUN, author of Mutafukaz in 2008, and then helped at the helm by Mathieu Babelet, Guillaume Singelin and Florent Maudoux, Label 619 began as a literary collection within Ankama, before becoming an independent creative studio in 2019. The label changes ownership in 2021, moving from Ankama to Editions Rue de Sèvres. 

Label 619 has enabled many talented artists to release their ambitious works, including Mathieu Bablet's Carbone & Silicium and Florent Maudoux's Freeks' Squeele

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