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Frederica Di Meo

Frederica Di Meo is an Italian illustrator who teaches manga in Italy. Drawing on her experience during her studies in Japan, she now publishes her manga, Oneira, with Kana.

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Frederica Di Meo is an Italian manga artist. She began her studies in Italy, before moving to Tokyo to attend the Yoani Animation Gakuin in 2009. She then perfected her skills with her masters Matsuda and Fujita at the Yokohama Comic School in Italy, thanks to a partnership with the Lucca Manga Academy.

Since 2008, she has been teaching manga in Milan, Turin and other cities in northern Italy. She also brought to life Liza E. Anzen's scripts for the Italian manga Somnia.

She recently began publishing her manga Oneira, with Kana.

Frederica Di Meo is one of the authors invited by Kana! Meet them at Japan Expo and take home one of their works!

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Since then, Kana has continued to broaden the horizons of its catalog, and is now responsible for the French publication of countless series, from the most famous to the most cutting-edge. With its Big KanaMade In and Shojo collections, Kana has something for everyone.

Kana is also open to local talent, giving a chance to passionate European artists to open the doors to their dreams.

All these fabulous series can be found on the Kana booth!

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