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Elsa Brants

Meet Elsa Brants, the illustrator and scriptwriter of Save me Pythie and Myrtis, invited to Japan Expo by Kana.

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Elsa Brants was born in Montpellier in 1975. At the age of 12, secretly influenced by the unlikely combination of Gotlib and Rumiko Takahashi, Elsa decided to devote her life to comics. Her first story, written during weekends and holidays, is now over 900 pages long... and still has no ending!

Ten years later, Elsa met Guillaume Lapeyre in a fanzine, and they decided to become partners, both professionally and romantically. Today they are married, have a daughter and have completed their first series, Les chroniques de Magon, Guillaume drawing and Elsa colouring.

Elsa has also coloured several other albums... but that wasn't enough for her: she had to draw! Here she is, embarking on her first manga set in the time of Greek myths, where she manages everything from script to drawing: Save Me Pythie.

She returns in 2019 with an autobiographical one-shot entitled Par Le Pouvoir des Dessins Animés (Through the Power of Cartoons), which tells the story of how manga became so well established in France.

For 2024, her new series, Myrtis, plunges you into this fairy tale revisited in a parodic way, with its gallery of characters, each more zany than the last.

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