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Sleepy-C (3B2S Studio)

Meet Sleepy-C (3B2S Studio), the main artist of the webtoon Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, on the Pika booth at Japan Expo!

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In an apocalyptic world, Kim Dokja, a simple employee, must face monstrous creatures who force humans to follow scenarios at the risk of their lives... His only weapon? His favorite web novel, which keeps him one step ahead.

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint is a webtoon broadcasted since 2020, and published in France by Pika since January 10, 2024. On online platforms, the manwa has accumulated over 340 million views and more than 3.5 million subscribers worldwide! The main illustrator Sleepy-C (3B2S Studio) brings the pages of singNsong's web novel to life, making it internationally renowned.

At Japan Expo, you can meet her on the Pika Édition booth, where she'll be waiting for you for a signing session! If you're lucky, you can stay for a live drawing by the artist, and enjoy activities linked to her already cult manwa!


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