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Japan Expo and Amazing are honored to welcome M.Alan DAVIS!

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Japan Expo and Amazing are thrilled and honored to welcome M. Alan DAVIS as Honor Guest of Amazing.

Beginning his career in comics on an English fanzine, his big break was drawing Captain Britain for Marvel UK. Then he went on working on Batman and the Outsiders for DC Comics, then Uncanny X-men and Excalibur for Marvel, before creating ClanDestine.

During much of the 1990s Davis drew many of Marvel and DC Comics major characters and titles, including JLA: The Nail, and The Avengers before helping launch the Marvel Heroes Return on Fantastic Four. In 2002, he works on Killraven: War of the worlds.

In 2006-2007 he wrote and drew the limited series Fantastic Four: The End for Marvel, as well as Thor: Truth of History.


Among his most recent work, we can count the OGN Thanos trilogy (2018-2019) with Jim Starlin, a Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler, Avengers War across Time and the writing of Tarot: Avengers/Defenders  (which was drawn by Paul Renaud) 


M. Alan Davis will be present during the 4 days of Japan Expo Paris (July 11th to 14th)

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