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Wings of Artemis

With its members inspired by Greek mythology, this idol group aims to bring love, courage, and friendship to its audience. Get ready to discover the mythical universe of Wings of Artemis!

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Wings of Artemis is a group of six idols inspired by Greek mythology. Athena Shiori, the goddess, Kanako Centaur, the Horse Girl, Orion Hazuki, the giantess, Aquarius Iori, the Aquarius, Perseus Tsukasa, the demigoddess, and Cassiopea Kiara, the queen, descend upon the earth every 100 years to bring love, courage, and friendship to this chaotic world.

The band made its major debut on rock field x Columbia with their first single Saisyu Zenya / MONSTER Beats, in January 2021. The single finished as the best-selling single on the Oricon daily single chart.

Their debut album, Wings of Artemis, was released in August 2022 and represented the culmination of two years of work. It is also ranked as the best-selling album in the Oricon daily album chart.

Wings of Artemis will perform on stage every day at Japan Expo during showcases, and you can also meet these young talents during their signing sessions.