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Exhibition: Godzilla, 70 years of the King of the Monsters

In 2024, we celebrate the 70th birthday of the legendary King of the Monsters, Godzilla. To celebrate this event in style, Japan Expo is organizing a major exhibition to help visitors discover all the riches of this Kaijû who revolutionized cinema.

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First seen on the silver screen in 1954, Toho Studios' legendary monster has now become a pop culture icon. In this 300m² exhibition, you can retrace the entire history of Godzilla, from its first film to recent successes such as Godzilla Minus One.

Godzilla is also a creature born of the fertile imagination of a group of enthusiasts, a gigantic creature for which new techniques had to be created to represent its capacity for destruction before astonished spectators. We invite you to go behind the scenes of Kaijû film production and discover the suitmation technique that gave birth to Godzilla. Through the ages, the King of the Monsters has become a global icon, represented on hundreds of goodies, figurines, and posters.

Dare to plunge into the heart of the action by being teleported into a city under attack by Godzilla? Join your friends in a huge photocall to experience an attack by the King of the Monsters!

  • This exhibition is brought to you in partnership with Toho

CATALOGUE of the godzilla exhibition

On the Isan Manga stand and at the Official Japan Expo Shop, you'll find this superb 224-page catalog, featuring over 160 illustrations by Yuji Kaida, as well as an exclusive 16-page interview with the painter of kaijûs! 

Enough to keep a gigantic souvenir of this exhibition!

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