Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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Yuai is an association promoting Japan in France. Its aim is to promote exchanges and the use of the Japanese language in the Paris region.

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Come and discover traditional Japanese activities with the Yuai Association! You'll discover many aspects of traditional Japanese culture in a friendly, sharing atmosphere.

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This year, the Yuai Association invites you to discover many aspects of traditional Japanese culture, from the more classic: yukata dressing, origami, calligraphy, to the lesser-known: kumihimo (braiding cords to make bracelets or jewelry), mizuhiki (the art of tying knots with colored paper threads to make decoration or jewelry), orizome (folding and dyeing special Japanese paper to make patterns). You'll also have the chance to have your manga-style portrait drawn by caricaturists (nigaoe), or to make your own ema (small decorative greeting plate), or to compete in sumo wrestling matches with almost human-sized cardboard figurines!

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