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Wabi Sabi: Handicrafts

The Wabi Sabi area allows japanese craftspeople to shine through their art. On this page you'll find the ones specializing in handicrafts!

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At the Wabi Sabi area, you'll find a host of Japanese craftspeople who'll be delighted to show you their art. Origami, accessories, and calligraphy: come and visit their booth, admire their creations, and leave with your arms full of beautiful souvenirs!

Cocoluna ~Heart&Moon~- Traditional art

​The shimenawa are straw decorations that are used to indicate holy land and keep evil at bay. Cocoluna HeartMoon crafts these ropes made of straw as interior decorations!

tagu doll - Dolls made of fabric

The craftwoman tagu doll displays dolls made of fabric. Adopt one of these hand-made creations as a keychain, hairpin, or simple ornament!

Mikoiro Komachi - The art of tsumamizaiku

Tsumamizaiku is a craft that consists of taking and sticking together pieces of fabric to create a single piece. Mikoiro Komachi is using this method to make traditional lucky charms.

Yukiai no Sora - personalized stamps

This craftswoman is using handcrafted stamps to display Japan’s beauty. On top of the patterns inspired by the four seasons and the lucky charms, Yukiai no Sora can make a personalized stamps to your name.

WA bien - For our furry friends

WA bien is dressing your 4-legged companion with kimonos. They are made to be as comfortable as possible, and have a hole on the back for the leash!

kachi.wara∞sowel - Holy straw accessories

The creations of kachi.wara∞sowel are made of the same straw as the shimenawa. Holy rope made of straw, this material is supposed to cleanse the owner’s home, to protect him from diseases and to bring him luck.

Apple Jack - Beauty in simplicity

The objective of the Apple Jack group is to display the beauty of wood through its sobriety. They sell glasses, plates, and other everyday-life utensils. Buy one of these objects where functionality is in harmony with their beauty.

FUNAKI WOOD WORKS - Elegant wooden accessories

The kumikozaiku is a Japanese art in which you carve pieces of wood so that they fit one into another without nails. FUNAKI WOOD WORKS is using this technique to create elegant and complex jewels.

kintsugi enya ​- Second life for your pottery

kintsugi enya is collecting broken pottery in order to repair them with lacquer-based glue. Sublimated with gold and silver powder, his containers are in no way inferior to their originals

Verre stratifié Keiko ITO - Glass as art

Verre stratifié Keiko ITO uses a technique made for windows to create colorful pieces. By stacking squares of glass on top of each other, her creations shine thanks to the Japanese paper that she puts in between the squares, resulting in a result that changes with the light.

Atelier de Vaisselle SUCRE - The shinogi technique

This craftswoman sells utensils made with the shinogi technique – a traditional Japanese ceramic technique where you scratch the ceramic. Enjoy the plates of Atelier de Vaisselle SUCRE!

Mizuhiki STORY - A colorful tradition

Mizuhiki is a traditional Japanese art where volumes are created from braided ropes. Between tradition and modernity, Mizuhiki STORY is reviving traditional weaving techniques using brighter, more vibrant colors.

That's all for craftspeople specializing in handicrafts. Want to see more? Discover the other craftspeople in the Wabi Sabi area this year!

See you soon at Wabi Sabi!

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